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Your Good Skin Days starts here!!!

If your anything like me, I like to know who I’m trusting my face with so here goes….I am an expertly trained skin therapist, with over 20 years’ experience of not only hands on treatments, but working and training for the some of the biggest and best brands within the skin industry, so rest assured you are in safe hands!

But what has got me here today, is that for over a decade I have also been fighting my own personal skin battles.  I have a skin condition called acne rosacea, a chronic inflammatory condition that can be mistaken for aggressive acne, but unlike acne it never goes away, you have to learn to identify your triggers and how to manage them.

And after nearly 14 years, I have finally cracked it!! I’m not going to lie, I still have flare ups…hormones and wine have a lot to answer for, but with the right medical grade ingredients, results driven in-clinic treatments and a HUGE sprinkle of consistency (which is one most important ingredient)…I am now medication free for the first time in 10 years…so I am now free to start tackling my wrinkles haha!

But most importantly, I know first-hand what it is like to not love the skin you’re in, whether its acne, premature aging, pigmentation or scarring, and the mental anguish it can cause. I personally have lost count of the social engagement’s I have missed over the years because of my skin, trust me I know the struggle so please don’t battle alone.

But I also know how to help, using only clinically proven methods,  I LOVE helping people gain skin confidence, and my last two decades in the industry has given me invaluable knowledge that I now want to share with you.

And I will never lie to you, when it comes to skin there are no quick fixes, were in this for the long run..…think of it like marathon, not a sprint, but I will be with you every step!

So now you know my skin journey, are you ready to start yours?

Love Danni x

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